waste management
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Waste Management

Improper management of waste can result in dire consequences for a company. Consequences can range from excessive disposal costs to regulatory fines and even plant shutdowns.  Responsibility does not end when the waste leaves your facility. Many companies have been shocked to learn that they can be held liable for improper actions of the disposal facilities. Fortunately, EMS has the experience in helping companies develop proper waste management procedures:

  • Proper on site storage
  • Identification of proper transportation company qualifications, licenses and insurance
  • Identification of properly licensed treatment and storage facilities
  • Identification of properly licensed disposal facilities
  • Audits of disposal facilities to assure compliance with regulations

Waste Minimization

Waste Minimization is reduction in the quantity of hazardous wastes achieved through a conscientious application of innovative or alternative procedures. The real benefit is that waste minimization equals cost minimization. At EMS, we leverage our knowledge with other industries combined with the fact that our experience is not constrained by “this is the way we have always done it.”

  • Simple adjustments to processes
  • Adjustments to materials not essential to the product (ex cleaning)
  • Waste segregation
  • Re-use
  • Recycling
  • Alternative disposal

Still have questions about waste management and waste minimization methods? Contact us here with any questions you may have, or give us a call at (610) 866-7799 to speak with one of our experts!

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