Environmental Site AssessmentsEMS uses the guidelines set forth in the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E-1527 and E-1528 to perform environmental site assessments (ESAs) throughout the eastern United States, Gulf Coast region, and the Caribbean. We offer a wide range of services that will provide information necessary to effectively evaluate environmental risks associated with a property transaction.

The potential for soil and groundwater contamination due to past land-use practices and the possible presence of hazardous waste or materials on a property is a major concern for buyers, sellers, developers, insurers, and lending agencies. Routine ESAs may be conducted to evaluate these concerns, to stay in compliance with ever-changing cleanup standards and environmental regulations, and to minimize the risk to buyers, sellers, and financial institutions. Some states and many lenders require ESAs prior to the transfer, sale, or foreclosure of industrial or commercial properties.

Our mission is to provide clients with as much flexibility as possible in addressing their liability and insurability concerns. EMS provides an ESA that is thorough but not excessive in scope or cost, and can prove the rapid response that is required to complete an ESA prior to settlement or other deadlines.


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