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Withdrawal of large volumes of water from surface water bodies and well water sources is regulated in most parts of the country. Withdrawal limits and permitting requirements vary by jurisdiction and source. EMS has experience with successfully obtaining both surface water and well water permits for our clients.

  • Initial permits
  • Expansion permits
  • Permit renewals

Our services to successfully obtain the permits include:

  • Detailed water withdrawal permit applications to local, state, and Federal agencies
  • Public meetings/hearings
  • Flood plain/hazard maps
  • Service area elevation maps
  • Historical data/withdrawal history
  • Pump house design/ flood proofing
  • Evaluate and certify wetland conditions
  • Drought emergency plans
  • Projection for current and future monthly/annual withdrawal requirements
  • Gather data from and or install stream gauging stations
  • Determine Q7-10 seasonal corrected flow calculations
  • Well registration
  • Well design
  • Aquifer pump tests
  • Inter-basin transfer analysis
  • Chemical and bacterial analysis
  • Engineering studies
  • Drillers logs
  • Hydrogeologic and Hydrologic reports
  • Water conservation plans
  • Drought emergency plans

If you need help obtaining a permit, please feel free to contact us here or give us a call at (610) 866-7799.

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