Resource UseEMS has abundant experience with the supply, handling, disposal regulations, recycling opportunities, and waste management analyses that will help develop the best strategy for reducing your business’s costs and liability risks.

Your company relies on a steady stream of resources to support business operations and is liable for whatever it delivers to a landfill–water, fuel, solvents, process gases, and more. The cost of these resources increases every year, and that rate has been increasing as these resources are subjected to more regulations, lessening supplies, and increased worldwide demand. Our e-Source Resource Use Analysis provides the first step in developing a efficiency strategy, and our e-Stream Waste Stream Analysis helps to manage risks and identify cost-saving opportunities through waste reduction, re-use, and recycling.

  1. Resource analysis of sources and requirements for your operations
  2. Recommendations based on process, consumption rates, and post-process requirements
  3. Implementation of resource use
  4. Third-party assessment of resource use plans
e-Source Resource Use Analysis
e-Stream Waste Stream Anlysis
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