Environmental Consulting

Since 1988, EMS Environmental has been providing businesses with the most effective assessments of environmental conditions on properties located throughout the eastern United States.

Air Quality Management

Learn more about air quality regulations and how our experts can develop operational strategies that will keep your business in compliance with air pollution regulations. EMS scientists and engineers have a thorough knowledge of these methods to address your air quality concerns:

  • Compliance Assurance Modeling (CAM) and Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM)
  • Boiler and Industrial (BIF) Compliance testing
  • Ambient Air Monitoring and Point Source Emissions testing
  • Title V Operating permits

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Environmental Site Assessments and Investigations

Even if you are not the one to blame for the contamination on your property, you are still responsible for the cleanup. Here are some of the ways EMS can provide you with the appropriate services that will get your property back in balance:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Operational Audits of current conditions
  • Geophysical Survey for Buried Structures and Materials

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Geology and Hydrogeology

Our geologists and hydrogeologists can evaluate your soil and groundwater in the event of a possible leak or spill–whether it comes from a storage tank on your property or a gas station down the street. Here are some of the ways our experts will evaluate your situation:

  • Aquifer testing
  • Soil and groundwater testing
  • Groundwater Modeling, Qualitative Analysis, and Assessments
  • Geotechnical Investigations

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Litigation Support

Don’t get tangled up in legal issues! Let the experts at EMS help you understand the ins and outs of your legal situation.

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Permitting and Compliance

Learn more about the ways EMS can help you obtain the correct environmental permits for your situation and meet state and Federal environmental compliance standards. Here are just a few of the practices our experts are able to employ to address your needs:

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Underground Storage Tank Assessments

Whether you’re a major oil company or an independent tank owner, EMS can help with tank installations, removals, assessments, maintenance, and more.

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