Energy SOSEMS offers an Energy S.O.S.™ three-step assessment to determine the most cost-effective methods to help your business reduce costs and improve energy efficiency.

Study – The most important step in reducing your energy costs is gaining a complete understanding of how your business consumes energy. EMS looks at your operation from an energy standpoint to build a comprehensive picture of your true “energy footprint.”

Optimize – With your consumption defined, we develop an actionable plan that delivers solutions to improve efficiency and reduce your consumption through operational changes and investments.

Save – Our Energy S.O.S.™ assessment can identify immediate and long-term savings while improving the environment of your employees and customers.

  1. Energy inventory
  2. Process energy analysis
  3. Energy use modeling
  4. Peak demand analysis
  5. Decision-making metrics
  6. Industry comparisons
  7. Energy saving solutions
  8. Economic evaluation of energy investments
  9. Prioritized energy saving opportunities
  10. Incentives and tax opportunities
Energy S.O.S.
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