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Phase I ESA eBook

Phase I ESA eBook Download

The reason a bank requires the completion of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment may not always be clear, but if you’re looking to maintain environmental due diligence and protect yourself from liabilities that may result from a previous owner’s negligence, a Phase I ESA is the proper course of action.

A Phase I ESA is conducted to discover the presence or likely presence of Recognized Environmental Conditions. It is an important step towards mitigating the risk of future liability for prospective property owners due to the possibility of hidden contamination that may otherwise remain unnoticed.

With the right environmental professional performing the assessment, you can be sure the appropriate steps will be taken to attain and maintain environmental compliance.

Learn more about the purpose of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, how much one may cost, and some of the major reasons why a bank may require a Phase I ESA to be performed prior to a property transaction.


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Phase II ESA eBook

Phase II ESA eBook

Depending upon the findings of the Phase I ESA, some states and many lenders will require a more comprehensive assessment. The potential for soil and groundwater contamination due to past land-use practices and the possible presence of hazardous waste or materials on a property is a major concern for buyers, sellers, developers, insurers, and lending agencies.

A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment that follows the standards set forth by the ASTM E-1527 and E-1528 is much more extensive investigation than a Phase I ESA. It involves soil and groundwater sampling, sampling and/or installation of groundwater monitoring wells, dry wells, floor drains, and catch basins, geophysical testing for underground storage tanks and drums, and indoor air quality testing.

In this eBook you will find information regarding the goals of a Phase II ESA, the driving factors for determining costs of a Phase II, and important reasons why property sellers should conduct Phase II ESAs.


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