EMS Environmental has helped many businesses–from small organizations to large corporations–exceed their goals of regulatory compliance, environmental remediation, and sustainability.

We have collected a few examples of our experiences so you can catch a glimpse of the wide range of opportunities we provide for our clients to create safe, successful, and sustainable environments for their businesses.

Blue Mountain Resort

Barbara Green knew she had to break away from the “business-as-usual” mindset when she took over as the CEO of Blue Mountain Resort in Palmerton, Pennsylvania. Rather than continuing down a path that would never lead to the resort’s full potential, she decided to address the areas that were preventing long-term viability not only for the mountain’s physical environment, but for its financial growth as well.

With a new vision in mind, Green enlisted the help of the energy experts at EMS Environmental to create a sustainable operation with new energy-efficient snowmaking equipment and automated technology.

Learn more about the success Barbara Green and Blue Mountain Resort have enjoyed since working with EMS.

Blue Mountain Resort
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“In my career as a professional hydrogeologist I have reviewed thousands of reports. Most of my review time was not spent formulating new ideas for predicting contaminant flow or identifying opportunities to increase contaminant recovery. Instead, it was spent looking for stupid mistakes –the kind of mistakes that keep environmental consultants up at night, mistakes that could cause regulators to lose trust in my work, and mistakes that could cost my clients money.   

I have always believed that there has to be a way to automate the reporting process, take out the human factor, and–better yet–eliminate the opportunity for mistakes altogether. Now there is. OptaHub is a software solution that does just that.”

OptaHub Case Study cover
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